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Care instructions

Please, keep recommended guide for maintenance according to symbols for care mentioned on the underwear label.

  • Wash separately in the conditions of industrial and domestic washing.
  • Maximum water temperature 40°C. Water temperature higher than recommended can affect flame resistant properties and dimensional stability of the wear negatively.
  • Use standard detergents, liquid detergents are the most suitable due to easy solubility.
  • Do not use any softening agents or other additives (fabric conditioners) - they can affect flame resistant properties negatively.
  • Iron using medium temperature setting - up to 150°C.
  • Keep  2/3 washing load and maximum water level.
  • Rinse thoroughly and carefully, we recommend to apply demineralized water.

Praní na 40°C Machine washing, maximum water temperature 40°C 
delicate wash cycles; rinsing, cooling down gradually; gentle spin-drying

Zákaz bělení DO NOT BLEACH !
do not use any bleaching or optical brightening agents

Zákaz sušení v bubnové sušičce Tumble drying 
use normal/gentle cycle setting; lower drying temperature

Žehlení na 110°C Ironing at recommended temperature 
iron using medium temperature setting up 150°C

Lze chemicky čistit Professional dry cleaning
any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used; regular way

Lze chemicky čistit Professional wet cleaning
wet cleaning allowed without any restrictions; regular way

Professional cleaning:

  • dry-cleanable in perchloroethylene 


  • store in dry, clean, well-ventilated area, away from artificial or natural light,
  • minimum 1 m from any heating units,
  • keep the temperature range 5 - 25°C and relative humidity about 60
  • store in original packing
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