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20 pages of our new product catalogue provides you perfect overview of ESD garments CleverTex.

Within the framework of development, production, marketing and sale of special textile products VUB is specialized in antistatic and ESD protective wear and equipment. We can offer ESD wear from our own production. In case of your interest we are also able to arrange the delivery of  ESD shoes, antistatic gloves and other ESD equipment. Antistatic wear and ESD equipment are most frequently used in electro-technical industry. The wear is made of materials which prevent from charge accumulation and minimize the risks of electrostatic discharge, which can cause the damage of sensitive parts. In this way, our antistatic protective wear can increase manufacturing quality.

ESD equipment

We can deliver ESD equipment made of special materials which prevent from electrostatic discharge. Our assortment includes high-quality antistatic wear as well as ESD shoes and antistatic gloves.

ESD protective wear 

Our offer includes the most widely used wear types, which are designed with respect to individual customers' demand. CleverTex® antistatic wear and accessories are made of special yarns with proper share of carbon coated fibres. Functional features of our ESD wear are tested and certified by accredited laboratories and fully meet the requirements of relevant European Standard EN 61340-5-1. Our offer includes T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, coats, trousers.

ESD shoes - on demand

In case of your interest we are able to arrange the delivery of  ESD shoes -  you can choose from many types of sandals or protective shoes provided by ABEBA. Antistatic shoes are suitable for electro-technical industry and for other industries with high demands for prevention from electrostatic discharge generation. Proper ESD shoes should be selected referring to antistatic floor type.

Antistatic gloves - on demand

In case of your interest we are able to arrange the delivery of  ESD gloves in various designs. All basic standard sizes are available. You can choose antistatic gloves with carbon filament strip pattern or PVC discs on fingertips and palms.

Why to choose us? 
CLEVERTEX development
We do not get behind. We are working on new research projects. Thanks to high know-how we are able to create unique textile materials.
Functional textile materials require high quality manufacture. We apply well proved manufacturing process, certification and practical verification tests.
CLEVERTEX solution
Our will to anticipate new requirements is an important aspect of our work. We are ready to be the partner for unconventional and interesting textile solutions.