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Complaint procedure rules


We do all our best to provide you with seriously comfortable, functional and quality products. If these products do not perform to your satisfaction, please, follow the instructions below for complaint procedure, coming from currently valid Czech legislation.

2. warranty period

Warranty period of the goods is 24 months. Warranty period starts to run on the taking-over the goods by the Customer.

3. the customer can file a complaint:

  • in writing with postal address: VUB a.s., Na Ostrove 1165, CZ 562 23 Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic
  • in writing with e-mail address:
  • in person withing the business hours with the address: VUB a.s., Na Ostrove 1165, CZ 562 23 Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic

4. The complaint shall contain namely

  • identification data of the Customer (name, contact numbers, shipping address)
  • copy of selling documents (VAT Invoice and Packing list)
  • the subject of the complaint, i.e. detailed description of the defect the goods under complaint (complete, clean or laundered)

5. confirmation

The Customer will receive confirmation concerning receipt of the goods under complaint. VUB shall decide on validity of the complaint within 3 working days.

6. the complaint cannot be applied regarding the goods:

  • damaged due to normal wear from use
  • damaged due to unauthorized interventions of the Customer
  • damaged due to improper use or maintenance
  • damaged due to incidence of force majeure (acts of nature like heat, fire, ...)
  • damaged during transport (this case is to be solved with forwarding agent)

7. within valid complaint

  • in case of a rectifiable defect of the goods the Customer is entitled to free, proper and timely repair of defective goods
  • in case of unrectifiable defect of the goods the customer is entitled to the replacement of the defective goods, unless otherwise agreed.

If the goods under warranty is exchanged for the new one, warranty period starts run again from the moment of the taking over of such goods by the Customer.

8. period of claim settlement

Period of claim settlement is 30 days, unless otherwise agreed, from the day of complaint acceptance. After the lapse of this period the Customer is entitled to refund the money.

This Complaint Rules are effective from 1.5.2013. Alternations of these rules reserved.

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