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Partnership and cooperation

Our company is open to new possibilities and partnership and mutually profitable cooperation help us to go ahead. We should appreciate if you could also become our partner both in the field of research and development of new textile materials and business activities.

business  cooperation

If our products are interesting for you and you would like to extend your own product portfolio we offer possible business cooperation. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

At present, we are looking for partners for:

  • Antistatic ESD clothing (esp. abroad)
  • Fi resistant functional underwear (Czech Rep. and abroad)
  • Clothing for children - atopic eczema sufferers (abroad except for Slovakia)

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research projects 

Research and development works are concentrated on the application of textile fibres of new generations. All these activities are aimed at the production of new intelligent textile materials with controlled functional properties supporting human physiological comfort and providing protection, health safety and functionality. Highly functional textile materials in combination with progressive manufacturing technologies impart unique properties to our products.
Since the beginning the research, development and production of each product is focused on protection and safety of persons and technical devices in concrete living conditions and situations. Properly selected CleverTex® products can support health and development of  full-value and harmonic lives of their users.

Research and development projects are solved with finantial support of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Technology Agency o the Czech Republic and European Union as well. 

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Why to choose us? 
CLEVERTEX development
We do not get behind. We are working on new research projects. Thanks to high know-how we are able to create unique textile materials.
Functional textile materials require high quality manufacture. We apply well proved manufacturing process, certification and practical verification tests.
CLEVERTEX solution
Our will to anticipate new requirements is an important aspect of our work. We are ready to be the partner for unconventional and interesting textile solutions.