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Integrated gloves

As you surely know, uncontrolled scratching means a big problem in case of children - atopic eczema sufferers. Neither you nor your babies have a good sleep. This problem is very hard to fight against but thanks to integrated gloves of the sleepwear you can at least considerably reduce this problem.

Most CleverTex® children´s wear products for atopic eczema sufferers have gloves firmly integrated with the sleeves. However it is possible to make hands free, which fact is important especially during plays before sleeping. The opening is closed by means of two press buttons that prevent hand from self-release.

Antiseptic effect prevents from more extensive wound infections and contamination.


Double fabric 

dvojitá vrstva nákres 

It is easy to wear through the fabric by scratching. However this is not the case of double fabric layer. The fabric cannot be worn through and at the same time scratching by nails is highly reduced.

Bodysuit with gloves    Overall    Nightsuit

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