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Multifunctional thermo T-shirt - ladies

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Material composition - front part100% polypropylene antibacterial, 125 g/m2 Material composition - back part50% Porexil® ThermoCool / 50% lyocell Tencel®, 215 g/m2Typemultifunctional T-shirt - ladiesTerry (plush) with channels

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Specific material for thermal back protection

polypropylene antibacterial / POREXIL® THERMOCOOL / TENCEL® C

CleverTex® multifunctional T-shirt combines innovative materials for better wearing comfort and back protection. Material composition as well as special design can be useful especially under intensive activities, movements and physical strain in various climatic and/or geographic conditions. T-shirt can be worn as underwear or as the separate clothing layer thanks to its fashionable design using flat colour contrasting seams.

T-shirt back side

designed to ensure excellent smooth feeling, perfect sweat transport out of the body and thermal insulation using blend fibrous materials:

  • Tencel®C by Lenzing is noted for its favourable skin properties, smooth fibre structure and antibacterial effects.
  • Porexil® ThermoCool is the brand name of specific blend of polyester fibres of multi-channelled surface cross section and hollow core cross section. Multichannel fibers provide more surface than a regular round cross section fiber. The channels in the fibers conduct perspiration improving dramatically the wicking and transport capability of the fiber. The hollow round cross section fibres provide lightweight thermal insulation.

T-shirt front side

of the underwear consists of very soft 100% polypropylene antibacterial.

  • Functional antibacterial polypropylene fibres are composed of silver particles firmly embedded into the surface of polypropylene base during fibre spinning process, which fact ensures permanent antibacterial properties as well as moisture managements and rapid evaporation of sweet from the skin for all-day dry feeling.

Material and design

  • exceptional product thanks to design and combined functionality 
  • significant share of polypropylene for  permanent antibacteriality, physiological and wearing comfort thanks to excellent moisture management 
  • machine washable
  • customized production - optional colour of the seems 
  • choice of several colours - khaki green or black
  • flat colour-contrasting seams
  • thermal protection of lumbar section and shoulder joints, longer cut for back protection

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