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Magnetotherapeutic band - blue

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magnetotherapeutic bands "MAGNITEX"

This unique product represents a new generation of magnetotherapeutic aid - hybrid composites combining permanent magnet with multifunctional textile fabrics to relieve chronic pain.

A number of top Czech experts participated in the development of these magnetotherapeutic band, both with rich experience in the field of permanent magnets and with a broad overview and experience in the application of special textile materials.


  • novelty product using the effects of magnetotherapy - natural biological method representing one of the oldest forms of physical medicine practice
  • efficient means for slackening arthral problems relieving tension and chronic pains, acampsia and restoring joint mobility
  • based upon well focused and efficient combination of the effects of permanent magnetic component with the intensity of several thousands of Gauss units on one hand with most modern structures of multifunctional textiles on the other hand
  • easy application
  • cheap and non-invasive method without any side effects


  • upper shielding fabric layer made of conductive silver coated fibres ensuring proper directing of magnet radiation towards the afflicted range
  • reinforcement with armouring fabric made of pure cotton with a special surface finish
  • lower band layer – knitted fabric which is in direct contact with human body providing excellent thermoregulation and antibacterial effects and ensuring flexibility required for perfect adhesion of the band in the application points.

Developed and suitable for:

  • people with arthral problems, acampsia and reduced joint mobility
  • improving body condition after injuries or in the course of arthritis


Pregnant women, cancer suffered people,  people with pacemaker or people sufferef from any other chronic heart diseases should  discuss application of this product with the attending physician.

The product has been developed and designed within the Collective research project Magnitex solved by CLUTEX z.s., VUB a.s.. and SVUM a.s. under the financial support of Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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