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ultra-fine metallic wires + metallized filaments
ultra-fine metallic wires + synthetic filaments

Package format:small spools 100 m, king size bobbin 500 m/1000m

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The technology of production of electrically conductive hybrid threads allows to manufacture various types of hybrid threads with different quantity of ultrafine metallic wires combined with synthetic filaments like polyester or polyamide. Moreover, it is also possible to produce such threads tailored to the specific needs and applications. Likewise it is possible to produce conductive hybrid threads of specific material combinations so that resulted threads can satisfy the requirements of flame retardancy for very specific applications.

Most important features, main advantages of CleverTex® conductive hybrid threads
  • excellent electrical properties, esp. low linear electrical resistance in Ω/m , required by smart textiles and smart clothing applications;
  • full compatibility with standard textile manufacturing processes such as weaving, knitting and embroidering of completely functional conductive tracks, circuits, textrodes, heating elements, conductive pads, etc...
  • admirable sewability thanks to very good physical mechanical properties. The threads do not cause any loop formation which fact is very important for trouble-less sewing process resulting in high quality production;
  • suitable for sewing on standard sewing machines as well as on special embroidery machines; applicable both as upper threads and lower bob bin threads;
  • non-toxic, no skin irritation.
Possible applications:
  • conductive tracks stitched on woven or knitted textile fabrics
  • stitched-on electronic elements like textrodes and sensors, esp. for temperature sensing
  • heated textile structures
  • knitted and/or woven electrically conductive structures
  • interconnecting conductive tracks on knits and/or woven textile fabrics
  • embroidered antennas

CleverTex® conductive hybrid thread can be customized in terms of their fineness, colour shade, electrical conductivity and temperature resistance. Special finishing - if necessary, the threads can be finished with respective surface preparations to obtain improved sliding behaviour during sewing, weaving or knitting and to reduce the friction between the guiding elements of the textile machines and processed threads. Silicone-paraffin emulsions are commonly used for this purpose.

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We do not get behind. We are working on new research projects. Thanks to high know-how we are able to create unique textile materials.
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