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ANTISTatic ESD clothing
Amd accessories 

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Manufacturing processes in the field of microelectronics pose specific claims even regarding work wear of the employees. Make your choice of the widest offer of certified ESD clothing around the Czech Republic. With us your company can get dresses according to your idea.

fire resistant functional
underwear for firefighters

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Safety and quality of the accessories used by fire fighters always play the lead role. This is true also in the case of the first clothing layer. Make your own choice of several available variants and let it print by your patch.


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A good combination of high-performance fibers combined with a unique cut and ready-to-wear design can offer a comfortable fit for a long-term stay in a cool, outdoor environment as well as a variety of challenging physical activities in extreme climatic conditions.


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We pay great attention to the field of intelligent textiles, a field of smart e-textiles and wearable electronics. Thanks to this, we can also offer highly functional electrically conductive hybrid threads.

Why to choose us? 
CLEVERTEX development
We do not get behind. We are working on new research projects. Thanks to high know-how we are able to create unique textile materials.
Functional textile materials require high quality manufacture. We apply well proved manufacturing process, certification and practical verification tests.
CLEVERTEX solution
Our will to anticipate new requirements is an important aspect of our work. We are ready to be the partner for unconventional and interesting textile solutions.