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Tens of ESD shoes variants for various purposes.

Everybody can choose!  

Sandals, slippers, occupational, safety and manager shoes - a complete collection of ESD footwear and insoles.

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ESD shoes are marked with the "ESD" icon Logo ESD in the catalogues.

FIT FOR JOB catalogue content: 

  • ESD electrostatic discharge
  • Definition and Information
  • Climate class I
  • ESD footwear collection 

OCCUPATIONAL SHOES catalogue content: 

  • General information (ABEBA‘s professional world; HACCP; ESD; Climate class 1; Better day-to-day mobility; Standards/Technology)
  • Product range
  • Accessories (Insoles; Set of shoelaces)
  • Index


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Catalogues printed version 

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Our will to anticipate new requirements is an important aspect of our work. We are ready to be the partner for unconventional and interesting textile solutions.