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ESD coat clasic type ESD501, royal blue

Material composition66% cotton / 34% polyestere (2% PES antistatic), 160 g/mTypeESD501


Stáhnout certifikát - ČSN EN 61340-5-1

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economic choice of ESD coats!

Simply shaped antistatic ESD coat from 66 % cotton is clever choice for everyday use or for visitors like a protective top layer. Antistatic properties are based on carbon nanostructures which are integrated directly in fibres (black grid on fabric 10x10mm). Antistatic ESD coats are certified according to EN 61340-5-1.

EU 44-46 48-50 52 54 56-58 60-62 64-66 68-70 72-74
chest 88-92 96-100 104 108 112-116 120-124 128-132 136-140 144-150
neck 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50 51-52 53-54
waist 76-80 84-88 92 98 102-108 112-118 122-126 130-134 138-140
legs 105-108 105-108 108-109 110-111 110-111 112-114 116-118 116-118 116-118
height 174-178 174-178 178-182 182-184 184-186 186-188 188-190 188-190 188-190

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Important informations 

  • certified according to EN 61340-5-1
  • combination of cotton and poleystere is guarantee of good feeling and long-life services. 
  • possibility of embroidery (logo of your company)


Significant share of cotton provides pleasant touch and physiological comfort (sweat absorption, permeability). Application of non-conductive polyester fibres ensures higher fabric stability and wrinkle resistance. Conductive polyester fibres containing carbon particles (3%) create black grid pattern 10 x 10 mm, which ensures conductivity of the products within the whole surface as well as across the seams. The share of carbon is designed so that  EN 61340-5-1 (ESD) Standard requirements are met. Functional fibres are composed of carbon particles firmly embedded in the surface of polyester base, which fact ensures permanent antistatic properties of the product. This is the main advantage of this product compared with the other ones made of surface finished fabrics, whose antistatic properties fade after several washing cycles. Our products satisfy the requirements of mentioned Standard even after 50 washing cycles which is in practice well comparable with real useful life of such products.

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