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Thermal-insulation women´s pants, khaki

18 % polypropylene antibacterial
250 g/m²

Price € 25.57 with VAT
€ 21.13 without VAT
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thernal-insulation underwear

extraordinary insulation against cold environment

Presented CleverTex® underwear is made of high-tech flat fibres of 100%
natural origin - cellulose fibres VILOFT®. The special fibre cross-section
creates air pockets for excellent thermal insulation, quick moisture
transport and breathability, which creates a comfortable micro climate
around the skin and protects the skin against cold. Sweat transportation
is supported by antibacterial polypropylene layer on the underside.
CleverTex® underwear is noted for doubled knees and lumbar section plus
considerably longer back cut.


Fibre has been designed and developed with the aim to ensure maximum
thermal comfort with improved moisture permeability. By its flat cross
section and structure it evokes an irregular brick wall with air pockets instead
of a concrete having an excellent cold-proofing effect. At the same time
„crenellated“ fibre surface serves as an excellent way of transportation of the
moisture away from the skin to further layers. Excellent thermal insulation air
permeability and wickability is supported also by textile fabric structure, i.e.
alternating loops (terry) and air channels.

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We do not get behind. We are working on new research projects. Thanks to high know-how we are able to create unique textile materials.
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