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Termoregulation women's pants, khaki

CUSTOM PRODUCTION 54 % merino wool
21 % Porexil® ThermoCool /
21 % lyocell Tencel® C /
4 % polyamide
220 g/m²

Price € 35.96 with VAT
€ 29.72 without VAT
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extraordinary regulation of apparent temperature the material can cool and heat

Inner layer in contact with the body

has been designed to ensure excellent smooth feeling and perfect sweat transport
out of the body. Applied material Tencel® C by Lenzing is noted for its favourable
skin properties, smooth fibre structure and antibacterial effects. Hollow and
specially profiled Porexil® ThermoCool fibres allow better air circulation and
efficient moisture transport providing this wicking and evaporative cooling of the

Outer layer (underside)

of the underwear consists of very soft 100% MERINO merino wool. Simply said
nature is perfect. Wool plays the roles of an important and unrivalled insulating
layer and damp and moisture absorber. It can cool down or warm up you as well
as absorb moisture corresponding up to 30% of its weight without indicating any
changes of its surface or feeling cold. It is also excellently air permeable thanks
to its inner structure enabling water vapour passage. It is able to trap the smells
chemically and can inhibit bacteria growth in a natural way.

Material composition together with the excellent clothing design
and fabrication results in the final product of the top quality. This
CleverTex® underwear has been specially designed for the stay and
move in open nature, mostly under extremely cold conditions, that
is why the application of the best textile materials is required.

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