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Roland - Underpants, short leg

Fire resistant functional short leg underpants for winter season. The underpants are designed as a secondary protective layer for combination with outer fire resistant protective garments. Functional underwear can protect workers against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames, against burn injury, the material is resistant to melting and dropping away. Except for protection the underwear provides extraordinary physiological and wearing comfort, soft touch and moisture transfer. Testing, properties verification and certification is realized according to relevant European Standards by accredited testing authorities.

Roland - Certificate
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authorized and Used by Czech Fire Rescue Service

material combination

viscose FR / chlorofibre / cotton / polyamide 

Fabric weight

240 g/m2

Knit type

double face 

basic characteristics 

  • permanent fire resistance
  • resistant to melting and dropping away 
  • high physiology and wearing comfort - excellent moisture management  and breathability
  • high thermal stability and heat insulation properties 
  • dimensional stability
  • easy care
  • suitable for application in combination with outer fire-resistant protective garment


Viscose flame retardant fibres 
  • permanently flame retardant fibres based on regenerated cellulose
  • self-extinguishable
  • permanent flame retardancy, remains active even after repeated washing
  • blend textiles containing viscose FR fibres offer optimum physiological comfort and breathability
  • resistant to melting and dropping away
  • physiological properties of the material contribute to reduced stress from the heat and thermal shock
  • protection from all kinds of the heat
  • naturally and permanently fire resistant fibres based  on PVC
  • sole fibres whose flame retardancy increases as the temperature rises
  • the fibres do not support combustion and emit no droplets during combustion
  • high physiology and wearing comfort - excellent moisture management breathability and permeability
  • high thermal stability and heat insulation properties
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